After lots of in-game testing and coding/mathematic help from Aiya and his friend I have managed to replicate the kinzu accel feeling to the point where my aim is actually better than the kinzu.

*The config is made for the wmo @ 430dpi and the kinzu v3 @ 500dpi. You must use a claw grip otherwise the accel will feel bad.

As of current the claw grip config feels better than the kinzu for -
- high sens (18cm/360 + forwarded wmo sensor) with a claw grip
- low sens (24cm/360 + further back kinzu sensor + strenx aiming style - with a claw grip

I have found that you must use the appropriate sensitivity to the sensor position otherwise the accel will feel like crap. If you use a high sens use a wmo with it's forward sensor position. If you use a low sens use a kinzu v3 with it's further back sensor position.

If you have any other mouse with a different sensor position from the kinzu/wmo these configurations may not work very well so i have made a guide to help users find their own settings in the 2nd post.

If you want to convert the accel for other dpi's just use funender - and convert the AccelerationParabolic and AccelerationLog to your desired dpi.

EDIT: You will also need to download Povohat's mouse accel tool from here - and install it using install.bat and also download Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable x64 from here -