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This is a modern ioquake3-based client to play Quake III Arena mods.
Differences from ioquake:
- significant memory usage reduction for dedicated servers (2x-6x)
- mod-independent multiview protocol temporary N/A due to new snapshot system
- server-side multiview demo recording temporary N/A due to new snapshot system
- no external dependencies, no SDL (and related regressions)
- native ALSA support for linux
- faster and safer QVM (Quake Virtual Machine) - means higher FPS, less lags
- reworked dedicated console for win32
- server auto-restart for long non-stop game series (no need for restart scripts at all)
- support for cpma/cnq3 color codes (8,9,a-z) in console
- unlagged raw mouse input (win32, enabled automatically for \in_mouse 1)
- \dlmap, \download - fast and easy map downloads from ws.q3df.org (by default)
- \cl_conColor [RRR GGG BBB AAA] - custom console color
- \in_minimize hotkey to fast minimize/restore (windows-only)
- \r_neatsky - nopicmip for skyboxes
- \r_ext_multisample 0|2|4|6|8 - multi-sample anti-aliasing
- \r_bloom
- \r_dlightMode 1|2 - new per-pixel dynamic lights, requires opengl 1.4 (radeon 8500+, FX5200+) - means it will work event on hardware from 2001
- \varfunc - advanced cvar modifier
- many other bugfixes and improvements

Recent additions:
- Vulkan renderer
- Client country detection on server side