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Re: Question about accel and povohat's d
Posted @ 14:54 GMT 13 Jul 2017
It's a shame you need to use a third party hack in order to do any of this. T
Re: QC gameplay from Zero4
Posted @ 15:55 GMT 4 Apr 2017
Audio mix seems pretty rough. Tons of reverb and compression going on and you ca
QC gameplay from Zero4
Posted @ 15:42 GMT 4 Apr 2017
[youtube=] <font color='red'>Mod e
Re: 'Reflections' with FATAL1TY
Posted @ 17:26 GMT 4 Nov 2016
Source? I always thought the rules were the result of clueless organizers and
Re: PSA for all MLT04 users
Posted @ 19:14 GMT 26 Oct 2016
Just tried this with an Abyssus + QCK and it seems to reduce the jitter. Pretty
Re: Team Arena
Posted @ 18:58 GMT 26 Oct 2016
After a few games I have to admit there are some balance issues with the runes.
Team Arena
Posted @ 06:04 GMT 26 Oct 2016
So apparently no one played this back in the day. Why did it fail?
Re: QUAKE3E #2
Posted @ 14:06 GMT 21 Oct 2016
This was fixed some time ago and doesn't happen in recent builds anymore.
Re: Give >=10-15cm>= a try!
Posted @ 23:46 GMT 17 Oct 2016
High sensitivity puts more stress on your wrist. And as you get older your wrist
Re: Thorin's Thoughts - Quake Can't Be #
Posted @ 19:59 GMT 12 Sep 2016
I wouldn't say Early Access killed UT4. The EA model could actually work better
Re: Thorin's Thoughts - Quake Can't Be #
Posted @ 19:22 GMT 12 Sep 2016
My point was that even though there IS depth in Quake, the elements that make it
Re: 144/150fps vs 250fps with 144hz moni
Posted @ 19:02 GMT 12 Sep 2016
You can use vsync if you want to match your monitor's refresh rate, but that obv
Re: Thorin's Thoughts - Quake Can't Be #
Posted @ 06:49 GMT 4 Sep 2016
I'm not saying Quake is a bad game. I like Quake.
Re: Thorin's Thoughts - Quake Can't Be #
Posted @ 05:47 GMT 4 Sep 2016
You have to accept that trends come and go. Some things are popular for a year o
Re: Audio problem (p0rt?)
Posted @ 18:19 GMT 19 Aug 2016
It was 0 by default. Setting it to 1 just made the game speed up. ffs Carmack
Audio problem (p0rt?)
Posted @ 19:26 GMT 17 Aug 2016
Ok this is a bit hard to explain. It sort of sounds like the audio code in th
Re: Quake Live FFA Cup 4th June 2016
Posted @ 15:13 GMT 31 May 2016
Will weapon stay be on? Just wondering because last time I played QL Free for al
Re: Best nvidia drivers for win7
Posted @ 09:29 GMT 27 May 2016
Most of the stuff in that guide is nothing but placebo. Some of the tweaks are e
Re: 2GD is back !!! <3
Posted @ 17:58 GMT 26 Feb 2016
He can be a great caster when he wants to. But like you said the problem is his
Re: Abyssus 2014 CRAZY JITTER
Posted @ 12:06 GMT 9 Jan 2016
My original Abyssus is also quite picky about pads. Jitters on QCK and some rand
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