Tim Willits is energized. id Software’s Studio Director is deep in the development of Quake Champions but – even at this early stage for the upcoming PC shooter – Willits is feeling great. That’s due in part to a recent exhibition match with some of the top Quake players in the world. At this year’s QuakeCon, Willits gathered up top talent from around the globe – big names like eSports legend Fatal1ty, along with Russia’s evil, Austria’s noctis and Finland’s DraQu – to test out Quake Champions, offer their feedback, then play a live exhibition match exclusively for the QuakeCon fans. “It was an assembly of arguably the best Quake players in the world,” Willits says. “It was a group of players that we may never again see on a stage playing a match together.”

But why this gathering of players… and why so early? Because Quake Champions is gearing up to deliver not just the core Quake experience, but also a top competitive game that resonates with today’s players. For more insight into what’s next for Quake Champions, we caught up with Willits to get his take on everything from eSports to the pros’ reactions to the new Champions."
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