Scheduled: 11:00 CDT, 8 October 2016
Schedule: Passed

After a long hiatus the Promode community has revived the classic Challenges duel series. Initially spawned as a platform to place the best duelers in the Promode community against one one another, the latest edition of the cup will look to provide a similar level of excellence as displayed in the very early 2000s.

Challenges-EU 2016 is a European open duel cup, that will be played on 11:00 CDT, 8 October 2016. This will be a single-elimination tournament, with all matches consisting of one best-of-three (BO3) game. The Grand Finals will be played as a best-of-five. To play please sign-up via Challonge, and join the Challenges-EU 2016 Discord server.

Links: challonge Sign-Up, cpma, CPMA Discord, Challenges-EU 2016 Discord
Streams: twitchUnited Kingdom ZLive, twitchRussia Team 102
Donate: PayPal Link.