Hi all,

So i have noticed something bad about Quake 2 immediatly as i tried to play it again after so many years. The movement is bugged.

The problem : When you dotn move the mouse but only the +forward or +back key the player does not move in perfect line but rather shift slowly to one side. As if you have a strafe key pressed but not as pronouced.

I noticed this bug already when i was on Win7 and tried to play Q2 a few months ago and thought it might just be my shity PC but its the same on my new system win 10. I tried win XP too, same bug. I tried berserker Q2 and KMQ2 mod, same bug. I finaly found one thread relating the same thing : https://www.doomworld.com/vb/everything-else/...-movement/

I even tried different copies of Q2. I have the old Q2 CD, the Q2 that comes with Q4 DVD pack, and the Q2 on Steam. They both suffer the same movement bug.

I am almost sure it is a hard coded engine bug that hardly anyone noticed back in the Quake 2 era. Though there is a possibility it is due to something else.

If anyone is interrested to test and tell me if he has the same wierdness it would be nice.

And if someone has a fix that would be awesome. As i realy liked to play Q2 a lot. Maybe a mod that fixed it?