CEO of Accelerated Evolution
Professional Gamer since 2001 in many titles.
Fortunate enough to win the singular Unreal Tournament 3 tournament.
--Has the best intentions for the eSports community; although it would seem some trolls have the opposite intentions for me - which led me into "Bracket" against other quake players - Who had not been actually the specific players. Unknown to me; the people in game viewing most likely found it very amusing; I do not. I believed I had won a duel over Dahang for over a month. Luckily whichever group from either reddit or what have you backed down and I believe it was ESR that made the discovery and informed me of the fact.
--I apologize; apologized to Dahang for any confusion - and have left the footage up noting that I had been duped. It does not feel good to have gone through many tournaments and fall short; with a few victories in a very long time spawn, to feel that you have achieved something "insane" in terms of what was proposed as the prize money.... all for it to be a hoax - I've done nothing to the eSports community nor to the Quake Community - QuakeCon I was seated second row from the NOC alongside id software developers and across Tim Willits. I want to ensure the community understands I would not hoax a match and post the replay in an era of social media fact checks - Nor would I have when I started when IRC or Forums was the easiest fact checking...

--I am just trying to run Accelerated Evolution, Perform with integrity in each title I play and be a contributing member of the eSports community. I am insanely rusty at Quake Live; I've been soaking hours into our CSGO team, Rocket League, Hearthstone along with reviewing some titles and a bit of testing here and there. The Business side of eSports has be rather restrained from getting into old form; but I believe I've been excelling at the proper titles for the times - while I may be a chipped and flawed gem at the moment in comparison to years ago.
--I am one that would still like to compete alongside the quake community - thus I reach out towards ESR and some of the smaller brackets upcoming. I may not perform as I would have when QL launched - but I shall do my best.