Hello, guys! I want to talk about some really annoying CSGO problems.
I've played this game for ~2000 hrs. Previously played all CS games from 1.0 beta 5 and I love CS much (also as I love HL1).

Started as a fully noob and played for fun w/o any analysis, just has good reaction time and not a bad aim. Calibrated to Nova 4 for some reason. Have few duels (1x1 MM rules DE maps 128 tick) when I was Nova 4 with supremes/globals that I easily won (average supremes/GE).

Easily get GE in next 3 months (at this moment overall I've played ~6 months in GO).

And now I want to talk about things that makes me mad in CSGO:

1) Itís not a pro cyberdiscipline, it's not a cybersports. It is really-really forced to be a "cybersports".
Why? Too much random, and consequently less skill influence.
Look at this beautiful work, done by 3kliksphilip:

A) 1st shot and base inaccuracy of many weapons is ridiculous (AK47, for example has extremely high inaccuracy overall, even spraying is random if you know spray patter perfectly). This leads to ~750 units limit of 100% chance to get a headshot from AK47 while standing. Anything more than 750 is random even if you are shooting in a static target. It doesnít matter how sharp and perfect you aim is. Pray to the god of Random. This is silly and force you to spray in the body! Taps? FUG NO :D

B) This noobish thing with getting stopped/losing a lot of velocity when youíve god hit.

C) Imbalance of weapons/stupid weapons stats.
MP9 for example. Totally IMBA. Most accurate SMG, not bad damage, 857 RPM, and extremely high accuracy overall, especially while running, jumping and falling. At close ranges you can spray mid-air and easily hit headshots. It is so effective, you CAN get a GLOBAL using only MP9.
MAC10 is great too (very high running, mid-air accuracy).
Or tec9/fiveseven. For $500 you can easily oneshot enemies at close distances (with tec9ís running accuracy even at the full speed (240us)).
This is really funny when youíve got killed by a $500-1250 weapon, having a fullbuy and ~3K weapon in your hands. Even a lower skill player can kill you if heíd get lucky with random headshot..
And again, about accuracy of AK47. SG553/AUG has extremely sharp accuracy and can stable hit headshots from ~2000 units, while AK can only from 750. Why?
Also SG553/AUG are extremely stable while spraying because of low base inaccuracy. And it doesnít matter that SG has a bit worse spray pattern, it Is easier to spray (of course Iím talking about noscope shooting, scope on sg almost=cheat (reduced inaccuracy, reduced recoil, spray pattern is almost 2 times smaller + it can oneshot from any distance)).
Elites. WHAT? Improvements? This weapon is still a non-lethal shit.
M249Ö Even Negev can be used to kill someone(4phun). Why they added (not made them useful) M249 and Elites if they are so ineffective?

D) CROSSHAIRS are not centered:

E) Recoil is calculating on server, while decals calculating on client. This leads to really f**ed-up situations when you can even see blood sprays but hit is not registered and enemy get 0dmg.

F) Strange/fkdup reghit system. Sometimes perfect shots (static AWP shot in the center of the model) doesnít register. Sometimes you spray at the close range with AK and get 0 hits when you know you MUST get at least 3 hits. Or some missed Zeus shots from the range of knife stub in the center of the modelÖ
This is one of the reasons P90/smgs is so good. 50 clip + 857 RPM.
In the game, where AIM is everything reghit is a joke... :D

G) Netcode. What you see differs so much with what is actually going on on server and also differs with what spectator (dead teammate) see. 64 tickÖ

Kids, kids, kids. Angry kids. Angry Polish kids, angry German kids, angry Russian kids, angry %countryname% kids.
Flaming, teamkilling, rude griefing, blaming team, no respect to team and enemies even on GE.
Maybe Iím biased but I think that Q/UT/arena shooters communities are better. Oh wait.. you canít teamkill and blame team in this games :D

Amount of cheaters is just CRAZY in CSGO. According to the most conservative estimates (VACban stats + my experience) I think there are ~18% (100% no less than 10%) of cheaters that is extremely alot.
They getting banned and buying new accs for $2-4 on regular sale. And again. And again. Valve getting money, everything is great.

Itís so fun getting pre-fired in the head through whole long. Running AK47/Deag headshots. Or when someoneís reaction time is ~0.1-0.2 sec to spot you, aim the head and shot. And this is not like 1 time, itís stable through the whole game. I believe in luck but not so much.. Itís humanly impossible. Even if you are the best of the best. Average human reaction time is ~265ms and this is about SIMPLE ACTION like click. Not spot+aim(in the head)+click.

Also on cheats: this EBOLA OVERWATCH is silly. 16 tick demos, are you seriously? Every good shot looks like a crazy auto-aim 9000+ prefire.
You canít judge someone with 16-tick demos. This is not right.
To make OW works like OW you need:
1) FULL Actual GOTV demos
2) With voice/textchat access.
At least.

Well, maybe there are more problems and issues, Iím tired to type :)
Sorry for too much expression :)