I'm pretty sure that with the addition of the zmq socket to the quakelive dedicated server, it would be pretty straightforward to program some event listener in python that would run along with the server and would, say, notify you via email when a player joins your running server so that you get the chance to jump in if for instance, you are running your server locally but aren't paying attention to it at that time.

I'm not that much of a programmer, and although I'm pretty sure that this would be easy enough for me to actually be able to do it myself, I decided to reach out to the community and see if someone more willing and able could perhaps very easily write such a script (say in under 20 minutes?) and make it publicly available at github or here for us to test.

Some of you may see the benefit, some of you mayn't. Either way I'm just throwing the idea out there in case somebody wants to take care of this and bring one more tool to our ql toolbox.