What I like :

[+] The new interface is sexy
[+] HUDs are better
[+] I like the ability to see others players fovs and zooms
[+] Overall a bit better ping to most servers
[+] Custom servers yeahaaaaa
[+] I'm not against steam and tbh I even find it quite good (played some csgo already some months ago and I have no complaints, so ql steam exclusive doesn't bother me)
[+][-] No more elos whores / useless stats
[+] Hopefully ql will get a little popularity boost with this steam exclusive update
[+] Changing nick whenever you want <3
[+] Finally a real anti-cheat (VAC), which might not be perfect but still much better than previously :)

What I dislike :

[-] r_subdivisions readonly (well when i'll get my new pc at christmas i won't care anymore cause GTX 960/970 and strong core i5) cause atm on my laptop my fps are even less stable than before :(
[-] I lost all of my 450+ friends
[-] I miss the ability to spawn my own server, I mean, it was so simple and easy to do with old ql, now ofc custom servers are more open etc but it's much harder to set them. I liked a lot when I was op on my server and I could kick / move to spec etc whenever I needed it
[-][+] No more elos / stats

Overall I like the new update and I think it's a good step in the right direction even tho it might probably be too late now with games like Overwatch etc coming. But I enjoy it nevertheless and it's still fucking QUAKE BABY !!!