Scheduled: 17:00 CDT, 24 September 2015 to 19:00 CDT, 24 September 2015
Schedule: Passed

With the BOXR Duel Cup around the corner, the BOXR community will be hosting a Reflex CTF show match tomorrow night in what will the be the first public demonstration of the game-mode. This event will feature a wide spectrum of players from those guys started played arena-fps games recently, to old farts that have been playing for ages.

This will be a pickup style tournament. The plan is that the players will be split into teams, and teams will play each other until someone drops dead. Remember this event is scheduled for Thursday September 24, 2015 with things kicking off at 17:00 CDT. Commentary and casting will be provided by United Kingdom Gilanguar of r/ArenaFPS, and United States of America KovaaK from QuakeWorld, through the twitch BOXR platform. Try not to miss this!

Admins: United States of America csboxr, United States of America nthnwllms
Links: Official Announcement, Official Reflex Website, mIRC #reflex
Stream: twitch BOXR
Source: PlusForward