So my phone thinks it can provide daily entertaining news and HLTV posts keep popping up.

This one caught my attention because I haven't really been following the CS:GO scene at all. Since FaceIt (RIP in piece brotherino) left us I haven't really been following that either, but some say it's more efficient than VAC?

It deals with everyday struggles of the cheaters, how the skill rating is unfair, how the devs are deliberately trying to ruin the game by not focusing what's really important... sound familiar?

Anyway thought of posting it here so HF.

p.s. Roychez is somewhat cute and only employed gorgeous guys like stermy and ddk. Coincidence? I think not. Hiring people based solely on their attractiveness is against the law, see you in court fg nob 1300 elo

"Valve commented this problem some time ago. They said detecting private hacks is too costly for them. They also said talking about cheating on tier 1 is bad for csgo image so they dont want any talks about this problem"