So yeah, as you already know I'm currently playing with the razer abyssus 2014 at 1800dpi 500hz plug&play sensitivity 1 ingame (23.09cm/360°). Actually it's a great mouse, I like pretty much everything about it, the shape is good for my grip style, it's light, it's small, build quality is ok, sensor works well (been playing with abyssus sensor for 4+ years now I guess), and finally I quite like the overall look of the mouse.
It's a very "basic" mouse that works very well in my case.

Basically now when I play (lol)CA only a few people can outshaft me (maybe 1, 2 or 3 player(s) out of the rest of the CA playerbase), so yeah, I'm actually very satisfied by the results I got from playing with the abyssus 2k14 and the same config (that I altered only slightly during these last months) for months/year(s). I think I'm in a good dynamic when it comes to global combat skills. Yes, ofc, I'm not rapha nor toxjq nor cooller nor cypher, but yet, my goal was to get the best LG in europe @ CA. I'm actually now very close to it, still need some practice again but I think that I'll be done with CA thunderstruck probably the next couple of months, and move on to something else like duel (I started playing a bit of duel lately with some friends that are not so skilled at it, just like me in fact, so that we can have even matches and ofc... fun playing it :)).
Basically I'm starting to get really comfortable with my current settings/setup and I'm quite happy about my overall combat skills, only thing I don't like are my rockets, I get destroyed in RL vs RL fights against any good/decent RL player. But it's not that big of a deal since many times I can rely on my +back shaft :D and my goal wasn't to have the best rockets anyways.

So yeah, I'm asking you, is it really worth it to buy and try the zowie ZA13 at 1600dpi sens 1.125 ingame (which gives exactly 23.09cm just like with 1800dpi sens 1 @abyssus), considering that I'm currently in a pretty good momentum when it comes to my maximum "reach" (I think now that with my current setup/config I'm at 95+% of my potential). I mean now if I continue playing with the abyssus and all I will reach my maximum potential and then not really improve anymore (just only very slightly if I keep playing everyday for months and months).
I'm asking you that because in theory/on paper, the ZA13 got a better sensor (3310) than the one in the aby 2k14 (s3888), I mean some people said it's a bit more accurate in some situations. Also build quality is zowie so should feel a bit more solid than my current razer (but like I said there's actually nothing wrong with the aby2k14 build quality, it's ok really). So yeah, if I ever buy the ZA13 it would be for its sensor mainly, and also the shape in which I'm pretty curious to see how it works with fingertip grip (my grip style).
I'm also at the same time a bit worried of the sides buttons on the ZA13, will it make it uncomfortable to hold with my fingertip grip ?

But the biggest question remains this one : If I ever try the ZA13 and it suits me well, If I start to practice again with it for some months, will my LG be even better ? Will I get slightly better aim than with the aby 2k14 ? Or 3310 is just marketing bullshit and s3888 is already good enough as it is ?
Basically, will I play better in the long term compared to with my abyssus ?