My weight has gotten way out of hand the last 9 months, been doing relentless non physical stuff with work, and middle age is kinda coming up fast, suffice to say i am up to 19.3stone. That is not good.
270 lbs or 122.5 kilos.

That's heavier than Zangief from SF2!

So my dad pops down tonight to sort out some noobie PC problem and says he'll give me £500 for every stone (14lbs or 6.6kg) I drop, and if I drop 6 stone, he'll give me a £1000 instead of the £500. I'm not sure why the sudden showing of generosity, but I'm not questioning it.

Now I was actually about to start my diet anyway as I don't need someone to pay me, but this is a mega incentive because there's a lot of stuff I need to buy over the next few months starting with an RX100 IV next month, so I'm defo up for it.

I should say before I weighed in tonight I purposely ate a massive Chinese and drank several pints of fluids to have a nice memory of what it was like to eat and drink what i like and to give me the best chance of getting the first £500 ASAP.

I will be weighing in Boots tomorrow and post my weight slip once a week to keep progress, so this is a running journal which I hope will inspire other fat asses.

Despite my weight I can still drop and do 20 pushups, i'm knackered after it, but its not like I can't move or anything. But its not good, and with the money at stake its CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.