hey guys, long time has passed since I wrote the guide to hit 40+ % lg.
Since then, I have been slowly improving my aim.

Today, I would like to share a few things for you,
these things are more like advanced, compared to my previous guide.
If you don't hit 40% lg on any mod, then you should first learn the basics of trace aiming and flick aiming.
check the previous guide and be able to hit 40+% lg first, then come back to here again.(it is not the only way to do it tho)

And this will be more like the collection of my ideas to help you hit more lg after 40%, than a guide.
Please share if you have something that I didin't write here.

the content is gonna be

0:How to hit 45+% LG
a. think nothink
b. learn how to troubleshoot

1: graphic settings
a. crosshair
b. enemymodel
c. impactsparks
d. lightning beam

2: mouse control
a. fingers
b. elbow
c. wrist

3: mouse settings
a. highering sensitivity
b. adding mouse accel

4: monitor distance(will write later)

A FFA game I played last night. 50% lg with 70 ping against +forward rocket guys

My previous guide: How to Hit 40+% LG

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< How to hit 45%+ LG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If your average LG is 40+% but not 45+% , then let me tell you a thing before we move on to the core part of this post,

Think nothink

As you already know,
there are 2 types of mouse aim.

1. flick aim
2. trace aim

all you need to do with your lg is,
1. flick aim to quickly adjust your xhair when you find the opponent on your screen
2. trace his movement
3. whenever your xhair is out of him, flick aim to quickly adjust.
4. repeat 2 and 3 until you or your opponent dies.

and to hit 45%+ lg,
your trace aim should be nearly automatically done without thinking or trying anything special (aim-wise. you still need to think about dodging, positioning, or timing etc).
I mean, when the opponent strafes, their movement speed is nearly always the same. they cannot suddenly move super fast, or slow.
So, all you need to do is just practicing alot and remember the feeling for the trace aiming that you can hit the insane amount.
of course the length that you need to move your mouse changes depends on the distance between you and your opponent. (close range, mid range, long range etc)

once you get the feeling and be able to do this,
you should be able to hit 45+% unless your flick aim is too slow.

Learn how to troubleshoot

It will be difficult for you to hit 45+% LG when you don't know how to fix your aim issues.
I would really like you to be able to do it by yourself.
and I will show you how to do it.

the steps will always be like this.
1. Find when you dont hit your shots
2. Think about and Find what makes it happen
3. Experiment and Find the solution
4. The issue gets solved and now you can hit a bit more LG than you used to.

basically that's it.
But let me show you a few examples that I actually experienced many times before, just to let you know how to do it.

Example 1:
"Damn tonight I cannot hit as much as I hit last night, wtf."
1. Find when you dont hit your shots
"ohhh it looks like it constantly skips while I trace my opponent with my mouse."
2. Think about and Find what makes it happen
"ok, what should I do to fix this problem? well, my hand is a bit shaky tonight. this can be the one which causing the pixel skips more than last night."
3. Experiment and Find the solution
"ok then, what if I lower my sensitivity? then it should allow my hand to be a bit shaky but still can trace better than now at least." or
"alright, i am gonna go back to the basics. I will practice trace aiming against bot for like 5-10 min just to remember how I should control my mouse to trace the opponent smoothly. start at timescale 0.8 then 1. After that, it should be at least better than now."
4. The issue gets solved and now you can hit a bit more LG than you used to.
"Yes, this worked. now i can trace opponents with less pixel skips. my LG acc went up from 41 to 43."

Example 2:
"ahhhh fuck, i dont know why but my lg acc is only 43%??? against these noobs on a FFA server??? wtf???"
1. Find when you dont hit your shots
"fuck you all, all you do is just rocket spams. more of +forward rocket and kill yourself plz, oh wait, i guess those rocket spam makes me fly all the time and that makes my xhair out of my opponents. and fuck yeah i didn't care about my dodging at all tonight. that's why i dont hit 47% LG"
2. Think about and Find what makes it happen
"so when their shitty rocket spam hits me i dont hit my lg. right, i tend to flick slowly even when i know i have to do it quickly. so I just need to make a flick shot to quickly adjust my xhair on this noob again"
3. Experiment and Find the solution
"ok ill just focus on flick now, once my xhair is on him i just automatically trace everything coz this noob cant even dodge" or
"ok let me practice against bot at timescale 1.4 so it requires me to keep making flick shots since they move too fast to trace. ill come back to this noob 5 min later and make him cry"
4. The issue gets solved and now you can hit a bit more LG than you used to.
"problem is solved and now 50% lg, hahahaha, cry noooooooob"

something like these.
Actually both of these 2 examples happened to me A LOT.

By following these 4 steps, you can solve your aim issue one by one.
For some issues, step #3 is hard sometimes.
But think logically, and be creative to come up with ideas, and dont be afraid to do it.

I actually have 1 issue which is, there are always the moments that I dont hit my lg when my opponent changes his strafe directions.
I still cannot find the perfect solution to solve this issue, but i have been looking for it.
if i can solve this, i guess average 60+% LG is possible.

k, now lets move on to how to hit 50+% LG part.
Everything after this part will be basically the ideas that I have found to solve my aim issues.
So it will not be like a step by step guide,
but more like the collection of the ideas to fix your aim issues.

so first, learn how to troubleshoot your own issues by yourself,
then check the followings to let me support it.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< graphic settings >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Now let's talk about some commands for the graphic settings.

Something with a dot or + with circle, or something like ( ) is good for both of trace aim and flick aim.
For example, cg_drawcrosshair 1, 4,5,7,10,
My logical reason for this is,
small dot or + :for trace aim. keep it on the center of your opponent
circle or () :for flick aim. it makes you easier to quickly adjust it on your opponent whenever it is out.
something like xhair 14, 16, 18 will work if the cg_crosshairsize is small even they dont have a dot in the center.

with value 2, you can have the color for trace aiming, and another color for flick aiming.
by having this your brain notices when to trace and when to flick more easily without thinking anything.
I copied this from Cypher and it has been working well for long time.

if you want a black xhair, set this value as 0.

cg_forceenemymodel tankjr/bright
if you can keep your xhair on the center of tankjr's body, logically it is better than keel.
It is because tankjr is bigger than keel, so you can see him a bit faster than keel in corners for additional chances for rails.
but keel is brighter than tankjr.

cg_palyerlean 1
personally I found him to lean makes it easier to keep tracing the opponent because it tells you when he is gonna change the direction so you can prepare a lil bit faster than having its value 0.
Tankjr leans more than keel.

cg_forceenemymodel keel/bright + r_lodbias 2
personally I use this with lean 1.
for me it is easier to trace with keel than tankjr.
and with r_lodbias 2, keel becomes even smaller.
It allows me to still hit even my xhair is a bit off, and hit a bit more especially when he changes his strafe direction.
With this seetings I feel like I hit everything as long as I keep my xhair on any part of his body.

cg_impactsparks 1

this enables the impactsparks.
it is the spark when you hit your shots.
and you can adjust the size, lifetime, and velocity by following commands

0 = stays
positive values = sparks goes up
negative values = sparks goes down

bigger = easier to see
smaller = harder to see

longer = easier to see
shorter = harder to see

I use impactsparks to emphasize the opponent's position.
with impactsparks, it is easier to trace your opponent since the enemymodel + impactsparks let you know where he is.
so I use velocity 0 coz other values are logically against the reason to use it for me.
bigger size and longer lifetime make your trace aim great when your opponent keeps strafing to 1 direction,
but can disturb your aim when he makes small strafes.

first I started with big size and long lifetime, but now it is just a small and short spark just to help me catch the oppponent's move a bit easier than without no sparks.
something like size 10 lifetime 20 is perfect for me so far

lightning beam
logically, thin and transparent one is the best to catch opponent's any kind of movement.
4 is the thinnest one and 5 is the most transparent one.

cg_gunx cg_guny cg_gunz
to make it even mroe thinner,
x -7
y 2
z -8

x -10
y -10
z -8
for the thinnest. but beam will come from the right side of your screen.

To be honest 1 is good for me.
something around 0.8 or 0.9 did not make any big change to me.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< mouse control >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

there are a few thing that I found to make myself hit a bit more with mouse control.

if you put your fingers (usually the third and pinky one)on the mousepad, it sometimes causes the pixel skips when you move your mouse because your fingers make your mouse stops.

so for the trace aim, you dont want to put them on the mousepad.
for flick aim, it depends on you but it is better o be able to do it without putting fingers.
lg aim requires you to quickly switch between trace and flick aim.

for the small distance flick aiming,
you can use your wrist,

you also can use your elbow.
it is actually as quick and precise as doing by wrist.

for lg aim, it actually helps your brain to understand what to do more quickly than using wrist only.
it is gonna be like
trace = wrist (and arm)
flick = elbow

will help you especially the flick distance is short.
try it if you haven't and see if you like it or not.

when you become able to keep your wrist relaxed, you will find the dramatic improvement for your mouse control.
your wrist will be ready for a lot more when it is relaxed,
for something like complicated dodging (either yours or your opponents), or unexpected attack.
your trace aim range will be wider also.

it was kinda hard for me to do it, but here is something you can do.

1. pull your thumb finger
2. stretch your wrist
3. draw circle or something like that with your wrist
4. imagine your wrist is made by water or something

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< mouse settings >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I know some of you have experienced something like this.
after becoming able to hit 50+-% lg with low-mid sensitivity,
you find some situations that you cannot trace opponent's movement well enough.
For example, like in close range fight, your opponent aggresively rushes you with rockets.
You have to strafe or jump a lot to dodge them, while you trace all of his movements.
It is a bit hard to do it with low-mid sensitivity.
(well you still can do it, but a lot of people should find it uncomfortable.)

So I had 2 options to choose to solve this issue.

1. Higher my sensitivity to the point that allows me to make 180 degree turn easily then start trace/flick aiming.
2. Add mouse Accel

Highering sensitivity
As I mentioned at the last part of the previous guide,
High sensi is superior than low sensi as long as you can trace every kind of opponent's movement because of

1. Wider Trace Range
2. Faster Flick Shots

About 1 or 2 months ago, my sensitivity was 2.7 with WMO(400 dpi), so it was about 38.3cm/360.
After that, I highered my sensitivity to 3.0 (34,6cm), then 3.3(31,6cm).
Amazingly, With sensitivity 3.3, I could still hit around 50+-% lg on FFA servers, and even on Duel servers(when I did not spam alot).

but 3.3 with 400 dpi was still not enough for me against super aggresive guys.(Yes Davis, you made me decided to change myself)
So I increasing more and more, and found I could not trace small quick strafe movements as much as I could with low-mid sentivity.
(I know some of you can still do it!)

So, solution#1:
Higher sensitivity.
You will still be able to hit as much as you do with low-mid sensi, with at least something around 30cm/360.
If you can control the high sensitivty which allows you to turn 180 quickly and immediately start making trace aim in close range fight with no stress, this should be the best solution.
But in general, highering sensitivity too much makes you to trace small quick movement harder than lower sensitivity.

Adding Mouse Accel
And, I added the mouse accel.

In the previous guide, I recommended to turn off the accel.
It was just because accel required you to control not only the proper trace and flick aiming skill,
but also the skill to control the speed to move your mouse.

But what if you can also control the speed properly?
Then what is gonna happen is this.

1. You can have the base sensitivity that is easy enough to trace small and quick strafes
2. You also can have the wider trace range against aggresive and acrobatic movement in close range fights. (or you can be the one to make those acrobatic movement, while you hit everything)
3. You can make super quick flick shots
4. Additionally, your movement in general will be faster.

So, if you can perfectly control the accel after you got the basic trace and flick aiming skills,
it basically means you become the god(at the damage dealing department).

As I tested the mouseaccel for a few days,
To be honest I feel it is actually hard to control it.
It is like a girl.
If you can control it well, it is insanely good, you feel like you are always ready for any kind of situations.
If you cant control it, it is terrible, super unstable and you even miss the easiest shot in the world.

But you know, I just added it a few days ago and started learning it.
I will stick to the accel for a while and let you know my conclusion later.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< comment >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

you actually can hit average 50+-% lg without mouse accel.
but I feel like I should be able to hit average 55% or 60% if I master the accel.
or at least it allows me to find more situations to hit 50% lg than having no accel.
I expect it to take a bit long tho.
since I just started using it a few days ago, my aim is actually still unstable and have a lot of problems that I did not have when i had no accel.
but i am still excited and hoping it is going to be amazing.

please let me know if you have good ideas that are not written here to help us improve our games.

A FFA game I played last night. 50% lg with 70 ping against +forward rocket guys

My previous guide: How to Hit 40+% LG