injx says cl_mouseaccelpower 1 will disable accel entirely and just increase your sens. But i have set my accelpower to 1 and tested the difference with cl_mouseaccel 3 and cl_mouseaccel 0 using half of my mousepad and swiping it to the very edge until it stops tracking several times. I have noticed there is a difference, small but noticable. With cl_mouseaccel 0 i can do a 180 whereas with cl_mouseaccel 3 i can do a 270. Also i am not the kind of player who can rocket well without accel, but with accelpower 1 and cl_mouseaccel my rockets are very consistent. Someone else test this and confirm it's not just placebo because i am very sure accel exists within accelpower 1.

Also I am curious what the accel curve looks like with accelpower set at 1

EDIT: link where injx talks about accelpower -