Scheduled: 13:00 CST, 7 March 2015 to 16:00 CST, 7 March 2015
Schedule: Passed

The (in)famous Quad Damage tournament is back! Uniting Quake players from every title, the Quad Damage will span four games across four weeks: QuakeWorld, Quake II, Quake Live, and Quake IV. To keep the focus on game differences rather than map knowledge, we'll be showcasing the tried and true Aerowalk in each game. Playing in any week will net you points - playing in multiple games will net you bonus points!

This is the final week, finally! Work and illness have delayed things for almost a month, but we want to finish this cup off with a bang. This has been largely experimental, but unquestionably fun. After this week, there will be some notes and tweaks, and we'll churn out another... likely sans Q4. I'm sure it will be missed.

Signups (Week 4: QuakeLive): Xfire
IRC: mIRC #tastycast