Was bored looking up on HLTV.org's website at work and i ended up reading this off topic post called "I finally got rid of her" so funny.

About 10 years ago, my first serious girlfriend and I broke up because she was abusive, and I've seen her at least a few times a year since then. For a few years in college she stalked me.

I recently saw her on campus. She gave me a dead-eyed, emotionless stare, and began walking towards me. Normally, I would ignore her or high-tail it out of there, but instead, I pulled out my phone and began speaking in rapid French, pretending to take a call. She doesn't speak French, and looked startled.

Then, I looked directly at her and made a throat-slitting motion. She was the one who ran this time, and I felt like, maybe, I've finally won.

After 10 years of terror, I finally stood up to the girl who has been stalking me for almost half my life.


Moral end of the story, people are 10x weirder in Counter Strike than in Quake.