and he didn't like it :D

translation in english for the wall of text (in french) :
"What bothers me is that when you got a little reputation at a game, some fucking mentally challenged people lurk your profile (even when you block certain access, they still find a way to do it) and then go talk to all the girls in your profile to start a discussion with me as main subject and/or discussion "starter". Then I don't even know anymore who are those assholes that do this kind of bullshit and so they make me look like a cunt.
So I apologize in advance if that happend, and in the mean time, I block everything"

and also his reply at the bottom of the discussion (where he shows my facebook profile) :

"I show you already one of the guys that did it : *insert my facebook profile there*
I was chocked when I received messages in which he did that"

So basically I added as friend and talked to a random girl who made a comment on his facebook wall with stuffs like "do you know strenx ? He's a friend of mine, he looks handsome and is looking for a girlfriend aswell, he's a god in bed ("voulez vous coucher avec lui ce soir ?") if ya want, I can send him a message about you, you two would look good togethers" she then asked who am I and if she knew me already, I replied that I'm a super hero (called super-cupid) that likes to make people fall in love with each others, and kept telling random *insert your troll there* bullshit. She then told me that she's scared of me and blocked me from facebook :D.

Yes, I know, maybe I need stronger medication xD, but it's so tempting to troll at facebook now that I don't troll at ESR anymore xD. I have to admit that I miss it quite a lot :D.

And by the way, still <3 strenx, when he will learn the new maps he'll get back to his old shape and destroy everyone again online :>