The popular science-entertainment programme featuring Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage is taking a wild turn, next week's special will give the universe of DooM Doom a shot - debunking myths for your ever present pestering questions. How does a BFG actually work? How can I survive on another planet? How do I get rid of those pesky satanic aliens?

The team will be joined by id id Software's own Tim Willits, the show will be hosted on the Discovery Channel at 08:00 CST, 31 January 2015. The team will use the Doom 3 BFG edition as a reference point.

Rumors has it that this could hint on a new Doom release date, maybe Bethesda has something in the oven and they're using this event to promote their upcoming title. Those who preordered Wolfenstein: The New Order should be the first to receive their beta keys, as stated in the previous Doom 4 announcement.

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