Hi guys. I made a few improvements to the demo renderer, the most recent being the ability for a person submitting a demo to be able to set certain cvars for the renderer. For instance, being able to render a demo with r_picmip 3 rather than 0. My question for you guys is:

What other Q3/QL cvars should be exposed and allowed to be changed?
What values for the cvar should be allowed?
If you know, a quick description of what the cvar is/does.

I'm mainly looking to cvars that will get a fair amount of use, rather than an obscure cvar that will be ignored by most users.

Q3 renders use q3mme
QL renders use wolfcamql
Any cvars that either of those two engines use are valid.

Note that the cvars can be mod-specific, like for cpma, defrag, etc.