since i got my wmo i had the problem that the mousewheel would be scrolled by accident. sub_ just provided me with a simple fix (nothing new obv) that eliminated the problem by ignoring single up/down scrolls and it works great. thought i should share it for everyone who has similar problems.

copy this and change the gauntlet/mg bind to whatever you have on MWHEELUP/MWHEELDOWN
bind MWHEELUP "vstr wdownlock" // Gauntlet
bind MWHEELDOWN "vstr wuplock" // Machine Gun

seta wupreset "bind MWHEELUP vstr wuplock"
seta wuplock "vstr wupreset; vstr wdownreset; bind MWHEELUP weapon 1"
seta wdownreset "bind MWHEELDOWN vstr wdownlock"
seta wdownlock "vstr wdownreset; vstr wupreset; bind MWHEELDOWN weapon 2"
and put the following after every other weapon binds
;vstr wdownreset; vstr wupreset
helps me a great deal, hf