This might be pretty obvious to some, but is it just me or do the few people that hear about quake, and try it out all simply don't encounter or realize as a thing is the movement mechanic in Quake.

When quake launched on steam we had a bunch of new people brawling with each other thinking "okay yay, jumping around shooting stuff" which is fun for only so long in any game. Then they leave.

100% of the people I've talked to that tried quake and stopped shortly thereafter because it was "ok" never even considered trying to strafe/circlejump. I don't know about you guys but I can spend hours just flying around the map alone while waiting for players all the while enjoying myself profoundly. The movement in Quake is GREAT. Without it i bet none of us would be playing it.

So what? My point is that what in my opinion is the best part in the Quake experience is the great movement being the foundation of everything. And the fact that people who try the game never learn this mechanic. Auto bunnyhopping doesn't solve it even close since it isnt fun. I BET at least 90% of people who ever played quake and learned the movement think quake is one of the best games ever made.

New players have no indication of strafejumping even being a thing and some half assed tutorial with basically no stimulation or is even easily noticeable just isn't enough for people to understand.

It's hard to compare this problem with other games since very few games have a basic mechanic which is relatively difficult to learn but a lack of ability to do it makes the game not worth playing. CS, for instance has no such thing.

This may be a bit of a ramble at this point and a pointless one at that, but if they ever make a new quake the single most important thing is to make a big deal out of the movement so that its an obvious and interesting first thing to learn when firing up Quake for the first time. Screw auto-bunnyhop, that only further distances the best mechanic in the game from the players.

Does anybody agree with any of what I'm saying?

If so, what the hell would be a good solution. This is important for other games too, look at Reflex for instance. If people dont realize how big of a deal the movement is they'll just move like in CoD. That's what the steamers do in quake. Except with more jumping.