It's not a crime to wish for things. Nice things, like GTV, anticheat, perfect matchmaking, in-game chat and netcode that magically eliminates the disadvantages of time and space.

Many people here repeatedly feel obligated to throw a stab or two at ID because, you know, it would be a common sense to implement feature XYZ, but ID is not doing it because they don't care. Those 2 intern bastards + a part time product communication manager.

Well, being somewhat professional in system and project development, I understand what it takes to plan, build, test, and deploy a solution. A clear solution rather, not even something like "my rail did not hit a week ago, no demo provided"

He's an example of a challenge LoL had to take on to build a stupid in-game chat system.

Now try to imagine how a small team would handle this, and many other megafeatures we all like to have.

...PS : and what do we provide back ? - are you a pro subscriber? Did you block your ads years ago in QLprism?