Hello, fellow Quake 3 and Quake Live players.

As you may know, there are GUI utilities to cut demo files like QLDT and UDT (for protocols 68 and 73). WolfcamQL recently added protocol 90 support. But if you want to cut a demo with it, you have to play it back, then do /record and /stoprecord. QLDT doesn't have protocol 90 support yet and neither did UDT... until now.

What's this about then? What I present you with right now is a command-line demo cutting tool for demo cutting (no analysis features). It's a temporary thing until I can update the main library and GUI utility. It's a brand new codebase and I intend to make lots of changes, so integrating all of it will take a while. We can use this as an opportunity to both fill the gap for a protocol 90 demo cutter and for extensive testing of the core cutter before the GUI version gets upgraded.

EDIT: The main GUI tool now supports the new code base!

Link: New official ESR thread