So, your WMO just died. You are a cheap cunt and want a bargain (less than 20). You need a mouse that has a newer (flawless) sensor and has 500/1000hz default polling rate. Here's some options:


Anker 2000 DPI Mouse -
16. Avago ADNS 3050. Omron Switches.

CM Storm Alcor -
24. Avago ADNS 3090. Good IME 3.0 replacement. Hopefully there is a better price for this out there. 3 year warranty.

CM Storm Xornet -
15. Avago ADNS 3050. Omron Switches. 3 year warranty.

Logitech G100S - or
12 (eBay) / 16 (Amazon). Highly regarded. 2 year warranty.

Perixx MX-1000 -
13. Avago ADNS 3050. Omron Switches.

SteelSeries Kana V2 -
18. Well built. Takasta Review -

eBay Zowie EC1/2 eVo
Astz! says you can get them for 20 euro if you wait for them to pop up.