While discussing the Crimean case we touched many times Russian propaganda, Putin's dictator regime, lack of democracy etc. Why so many people in Russia support Putin's dictate and will do so? I'll try to throw it down...

I'll start with democracy. First of all there is no a single country in the world with pure democracy - each one differs in number and type of limitations depending on internal and foreign factors. The closest one to democracy is probably Switzerland, but anyway the head power I'm sure is cheat protected. The level of political and
economic development should be very high for this.

The problem is that this type of democracy can't work for big countries - it makes them too vulnerable. Why so? For instance freedom of speech (media, free protest actions etc) will give any enemy or interested side the perfect instrument and access to make any impact on people thoughts like forming a counter government movement in a very short time.

So why lack of democracy? - Its safety of government, people and country's integrity from enemy impact mostly.

Why strong president with "dictator" features? Again its less vulnerable. In 1917 sissy Russian Nicolaj II lost to democracy... In 1990 sissy USSR Gorbachev lost to democracy... Look at Ukraine what leads to country's death - weak presidents in 2004 almost lost it, now weak Janukovich lost again to democracy, now finally,
the country is already dead.

What is propaganda? Instrument to manipulate people's mind through democratic holes - tv, internet, educated protesters leaders... Defensive and offensive.

Look at Ukranian media and Russian. Russian media is controlled by government, Ukranian is all private either by
oligarchs or by grants from US democratic institutions which Nooland mentioned.

Russian media lie and ban internet pages as a protection measure from democracy which can be seen now in Ukraine.
Because we also have right opposition which is stronger from time to time and waiting for proper moment to do the same.

Ukranian propaganda is offensive, the president can't do a shit to change people's minds. In 20 years people started to hate a friend, love enemy and justify radical nationalistic organisations which just 60 years ago killed thousands Russians, and a hundred thousands of Polaks etc... now they are called heroes, peaceful protestors.

To sum it up...
Very carefully democracy can work in highly developed small countries with high education level. So that no one from outside could use vulnerable channels to fool people.

If a country is big and has a big population. Or just low development level and education - use more authoritative closed models to protect from impact otherwise you will die. So you can accuse Russia, but otherwise we were already torn apart.

What about our genious inventor of this fake democracy model - United States? Its just a visibility of democracy, the elite in charge of decision making hasn't changed there for like 100 years... Advertising and injecting this democracy to controll other countries and letting people think that its freedom. Have a president for 4 years which is not enough to build anything and think that we do so aswell.

And if a country closes its holes - then the leader is called dictator and no human rights and give freedom and etc... sanctions - then people accuse its government, agents organise takeover if not - ah we found terrorists there or chemical weapons or whatever... and use force.

What the most genious is that people really and strongly think that its the only right way :( be more educated or we will die.