I used to play with a MX518, but after 4 years i discovered that my hard trouble to aim diagonally came from angle snapping.

So i dug my mess and found my old microsoft optical blue mouse. Despite i had some loss of control with my low sensitivity on fast move I keept using it because it was really great.

Why i fell in love : central sensor, light weight, simple shape (i mean i didn't get annoy by ergonomic tools that finally aren't like MX518 right notch), no shitty feature (angle snapping or anything else)

I add that i play with palm grip and 60cm/360

But everything come to an end and my mouse is dying. Suffering of multiple problems i need to change it. Sadly bst mouse seems to be a cencelled dream. So i need your help to change my mouse.

Since i'm not following the progress of mice market, i wanted to know if you had some mice to recommend me that stay in the same way i described above.

Btw if you could tell me what mousepad you think are great because i clearly need to change it too.

PS : I tried to correct my english and hope it is understandable. (not my native language)