Alright so, someone previously mentioned that he wished to have an app on iOS for timing training purposes, so I finally got some spare time after the vacations to make and publish one.

iOS :

Google Play :

- Added Increase / Decrease speed feature (Eldrek's request)
- Added Delay Feature (natemare's request)


I knew there already was a few timing applications made for android however I decided to also publish it on google play since it only required a few extra steps. It might also be different from the other versions.

The app work as follow :
1) Choose the items you want to add to your list (multiple YA, mega, RA, PU / Pickups)
2) Start a new session

The items will then spawn randomly at interval of 7-10 seconds to simulate the travel time between them, except the PU which spawn between 30-60 seconds.

As soon as the item spawn, you have to tap it to collect it. An indicator will display the time for approximately 3 seconds. You then have to make the maths and remember the respawn time of each items you have added to your list.

Once you believe the item has respawned, tap it again. A check-mark will appear depending on how good your timing was (or nothing will be displayed if you pressed too early)

I have also added a score for comparison's sake. But it is kind of meaningless unless you compare it with the exact same list of items. (You get score multipliers for each additional items on your timing list)

There is also a disruption mode feature I forgot to mention, which allow you to set an interval where the session will temporarily pause to force to you to enter a basic input combination before continuing.

Feel free to try them. The purpose is simply for the ones that are away from Quake and wish to train their math / memorization skills.