Quakelive is down, and I'm kind of bored, means that it's the time for me to share some of my knowledge regarding dodging in LG vs LG situations.

First of all, if you want me to demonstrate briefly ingame how to dodge the LG, add me at quakelive "He4rTL3sS".


So, there you go.
Firstly, you have to know that there are basically 3 kind of dodges :
- short strafes
- medium strafes
- long/large strafes
And then there are the variants :
- short to med
- med to long

Then there is the distance between you and your opponent :
- close range
- medium range
- long range

And finally, there is the sensitivity :
- low sensitivity
- medium sensitivity
- high sensitivity


1°) Ok, now, let's start with a LG battle at close/very close range, what kind of dodges should you use ?

Actually, it's quite simple, but it also depends on your opponent's sensitivity.

If he's using low sens :
move in circle around him (to get your hits at his 'sides' and also nullify his short strafes) with :
- large/long strafes + some medium strafes there and here
Basically like this :
leeffffffffffffttt(long) riiightt(med) leeeffffffffffttt(long) riigght(med) leeeeeeffffftttt(long) riiighht(med) leeeeeeeffffft(long) riiigghhht(med) and so on...

Long/large strafes force him to do large movements with his mouse (and everyone knows that doing large movements with a low or ultra low sens is a bit harder), while medium strafes make him think that you will almost always do large strafes, basically mess up his prediction of your dodging pattern. Also, with low sens, alternating between large mouse movements, and precise medium mouse movements is actually pretty hard, only the best aimers in the world can do it consistently.

Now, If he's using high sens :
Try to stay in front of him no matter what. He will for sure try to move in circle around you, but it's counterable by moving backward and using left and right accordingly. It's hard to explain by only writing it so that's why I recommend you to add me at quakelive so that I can show you exactly what I mean.
Like I said, stay in front of him and do :
- short strafes + some medium strafes there and here
Basically like this :
left(short) right(short) left(short) right(short) left(short) right(short) leeeeffft(med) righhhht(med) left(short) right(short) left(short) right(short) leeeffttt(med) righhht(med) and so on...

Short strafes are very useful to prevent the LG lock on you. Everyone knows that with a high or ultra high sens, it's harder to keep tracking the enemy when he does fast and short strafes. You can also do large strafes from time to time but NEVER abuse it, cause it's quite simple, with high sens, to aim lock someone who is doing large strafes.
Except for a few VERY VERY skilled players with high/ultra high sens, keeping track of the opponent when he's moving fast left and right like a mad man is quite hard because your mouse movements will basically be unstable and shaky, you will 'over-do' your mouse movements.


2°) Now let's talk about how to dodge a LG beam while in a med to long range battle.

If he's using low sens :
You can do either :
- Abusing the med strafes * or
- doing med strafes + long strafes mostly ** or
- doing short strafes + few med strafes + long strafes ***

* If he has a sens around 30-40cm/360°, and if you're at med range, as weird as it might sound, abusing the med strafes can work very well sometimes (against few opponents but still). This can be explained by the fact that med strafes are neither long or short strafes. Let me clarify what I want to explain.
With a low sens, it's easier to keep tracking of short strafes, and some people played for a very long period of time with low sens so that they can also do a shaft lock against someone doing large strafes without too much effort. Actually, some people with low sens struggle against med strafes at med range because they practiced so much against short strafes and long strafes but not med strafes, they are not used to that kind of dodge. Abusing the med strafes dodges is also called "lag dodge" by some people.

So, what you do is very simple :
leffftt(med) rigght(med) leeeffft(med) righht(med) leeefffft(med) rigghht(med) and so on...

** The combination between med strafes and long strafes can be deadly at med to long range against a low sens player. Everyone knows that large movements are harder to lock with an ultra low sens. And like I explained above, the "lag dodge" can work well aswell. Ofc against a very skilled guy, even if you do large strafes he can still lock you without too much effort BUT, if you add some medium strafes to the mix, you are a bit more unpredictable and so it makes your opponent mess up his prediction of your dodging pattern.

Here is how you have to proceed :
leffftt(med) righhht(med) leeeffft(med) rigggghht(med) leeeeeeeeeeffffft(long) riiiiiiggghhhttt(long) lefffft(med) rigghht(med) leeefft(med) riggghht(med) leeeffffftttttttt(long) riggggghhhhhhhhttt(long) and so on...

*** http://www.esreality.com/post/2536095/re-dodg...pid2536095

If he's using high sens :
Do short to med strafes + med strafes

Like mentioned above, short strafes are harder to get a lock on it with ultra high sens. BUT, you have to make your strafes not too short, cause with the distance, if you do too short strafes, the opponent has barely to move his mouse. So you have to move the right way to make his mouse's movements unstable and shaky, and the best way to do that is to do short to med strafes.
Don't do large strafes, replace it with med strafes rather, med strafes had some dynamism to your dodging pattern and ofc, makes your more unpredictable. At long range, med strafes can even appear to be short to med strafes, which are hard to get a lock on it with high sens.


Okay, so, that was basically the basics of lg dodging, but I didn't talk about positioning and so on... But also depends on the map.
I didn't talk about the variants either, to make it easy to understand. But if you want me to be more precise, like I said, add me at quakelive, I will show you ingame ;)

Now I'm ready to be trolled and trash talked :D. "OMFG Heartlesss you suck, 24/24 7/7 thunderstruck only and you make SOOOO obvious thread it's disgusting"
"omfg heartlesss, you noob, learn to play duel, learn to aim, learn to beat 1300elo duel player instead of making such worthless post".

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