Scheduled: 13:00 CST, 16 December 2013 to 14:00 CST, 16 December 2013
Schedule: Passed

The Swedish Championship of Quake Live presents the last showmatch before the event kicks off. Taking place this Monday, December the 16th at 14:00 CDT and featuring two high skilled Swedish players.

This time it's Sweden prockz (Elo: 2257) that takes on Sweden kANiN_ (Elo: 2120) in a best of 7 match with the same map pool as the main event. As with the previous matches, streaming will be provided by United Kingdom Zoot and Mexico Ins on their Twitch channel. The winner will be rewarded with 50 euro and eternal glory.

The sign up period for The Swedish Championship of Quake Live has now ended, be sure to check in at to watch the complete and final list of players.

Stream: United Kingdom Zoot
Links: Official Website, ESR main post