This is ESReality bitch we dont wanna hear about the wars that you been thru,
Bitch i got so many assault riffles in my storage unit I could afford to throw you a pistol.
See what you doing is trying to go to war with a pitbull,
When your core is built like a 4 year old Shih Tzu,
So i'ma roll up into ya studio while your homies are recording with you and K.O you so fucking hard that the force that hits you will feel like an Ethianopian Cobra kissed you.
And everybody in this ESReality journal, gon witness me start morphing into Yoshimitsu when i hold you up and slit ya throat with a broken Ginsu and keep poking so many holes up in ya thick skull, The moment that i swing the sword against you i'ma gounge, In a circular motion and keep poking into ya solar plexus til I deform your organ tissue and leave you on the corner of the table folded like a fucking order menu