Known French professional player France Kevin "strenx" Baéza, competing in both qlQuake Live and Shootmania has just announced retirement from esports. Although still lacking an international major LAN victory in Quake Live, he has proven to be a vicious threat to his most notorious old rivals, such as Russia Cooller and Belarus Cypher.

Especially known for his devastating damage output with Lightning Gun, critically acclaimed heavy aim-based player and one of the remaining low sensitivity players never changed his ferocious style during his career.[*]

Always responsible for some sort of hiccups in tournaments, he was one of the main protagonist in the development of Quake Live, providing the community with laughter, jaw-dropping accuracies, streaming his games and offering coaching services. His passion for competing reflected well in numerous online tournaments where he was almost a guaranteed winner. According to the announcement, we will still be able to see him stream games.

Awards and Achievements

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