Navy XMAS QL Government Shutdown SHOWDOWN XMAS QL Navy
Brought to you by Fusion Clan Arena League and US Naval Aviation

The "Government Shutdown SHOWDOWN" series is a series of 2vs2 Quakeworld Clan Arena Single-Elimination Tournaments that will begin on Thursday and conclude on Friday evenings at 6:00pm pacific on US QWCA servers. After the tournament ends on Friday evening, you are free to have a beer with your wingman and fellow Aviators...or Quakeworld Rangers as you may call it.

There really is no difference between a Quakeworld Player and a Naval Aviator. There is the longitudinal, or "roll" axis, there is the lateral, or "pitch" axis, and then there is the vertical, or "yaw" axis. Do you have what it takes to maximize control of your entity, be it a quakeworld ranger or jet aircraft, in a 3D dynamic environment? We'll see. There is only one piece of advice...Never leave your wingman...

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Go Navy!