ClanBase has opened the signups for its fall season 2013. The signups are open until the 15th of September and will feature the following cups:

The cup rules have been published and can be found under each cup menu. Furthermore, we are currently looking for people who are interested in refereeing as well as providing coverage. Please do consider this if you want to pull your weight for this community.

In case you have questions regarding these cups, please contact the supervisors under "cups" accordingly. Alternatively, you can usually find them in IRC channel #clanbase.ql.

Update 1: added Tornado and Terminatra to the TDM EC/OC map pool.

Update 2: due to the downtime of CB during the past days, we have extended the signups to the 22nd of September.

Links: ClanBase, CB fall season, mIRC#ClanBase.ql