Latest update post.

With a little bit over a month before the signup deadline, the number of teams seems good so far and couple of more should be coming, hence I encourage the teams to start paying the signup fee. I also received couple of donations already, so there will be prizes after all \o/. Please also let me know about your approximate arrival on Friday, so I can create the schedule with delayed arrivals in mind.

Signed up teams:
Europe 4 old men (Sweden fazz, Sweden fox, Australia noctis, Sweden tybalt)
Russia deliberate murder (Russia Latrommi, Russia pavel, Russia 421, Russia reyka, Italy unnamedtony)
lolfly lol l0wfly (Sweden kanin, Finland frs, Poland gienon, Sweden snapcase)
Poland Vertigo (Poland vespx, Poland Premon, Poland bestiooo, Poland Lam)
Czech Republic Team CZE (Czech Republic flatecek, Czech Republic krysa, Czech Republic fragma, Czech Republic debtorr)
* Sweden Onfire (Sweden p1s, Sweden mdf, Sweden Kujiwa, Sweden a1r-r41d, Sweden Ulises31)
Europe pigs (Sweden ani, Slovenia kill, Poland muzyk, +1)
Europe Team Evolution (Hungary s7ry, Czech Republic tykke, Hungary kroyhun, +1)
Europe Rebels (Czech Republic Karby, Czech Republic brejk, Poland He4rt, Czech Republic dloob)
* Europe mini (Russia enjoy, Spain centinela, Germany tina, Denmark bonfire, Australia liefje)
Europe lemmings effect (Denmark lars, Netherlands prodx, Germany gwynplaine, Croatia kinko)
* paid

If there is anyone interested in any kind of help or sponsoring, please let me know. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or #lan-prague @ Quakenet. If you can't find a team, but you would still like to attend, there's a list of players without a team. Contact me if you want to be added.

Links: esr Previous post, District cafe website, YouTube Debtorr's video invitation, mIRC #lan-prague