We've been to District gaming cafe yesterday, to check the place itself, if it's suitable for the lan and the place would be flawless besides one thing.. there are 60Hz "gaming" monitors (they actually feel like 75Hz.. but it's still not enough for many players). Current goal is to try to get 40 120Hz monitors from local stores and players themselves. I said 40 because cafe computer layout only allows 10 teams to play at once, due to having 5 computers next to each other (and as we all know, teams want to sit next to each other).

Currently we only know that we want to host a TDM tournament.. we probably won't be able to get enough prizes for the duel tournament for it to be enough interesting (that might change tho!), and as for the TDM tournament, we think of it more as a social event than a tournament where you can win shitload of money, so we hope that small prizes won't discourage you from participating. We want to make sure that everyone gets to play enough games to warmup themselves and at least 4-5 official games.

Since we don't know how many teams will actually participate, we can only give you couple of proposals about the tournament format and prizes.. so here we go:

8-10 teams:
2 groups, 4 teams advance to DE playoffs, everyone will have his own computer during all three days, HW only prizes, and since we will have a lot of free time, we could do fun tournaments as well.. (in ctf/ffa/duel/poker/racing simulator)

11-16 teams:
2 groups, 4 teams advance to DE playoffs, friday - group A, saturday - group B, sunday - playoffs.. around 700-1700 euro for prizes + HW

17-20 teams:
4 groups (maybe 2 divisions), everyone advances to SE playoffs, friday - group A/B, saturday group C/D, sunday - playoffs.. around 2000-2500 euro for prizes + HW

21-24 teams:
4 groups (maybe 2 divisions), everyone advances to SE playoffs, friday - group A/B, saturday group C/D, sunday - playoffs.. around 2500-3300 euro for prizes + HW

My honest guess is that we can get around 12-16 teams. Money will be probably distributed like: 1st place 50%, 2nd place 30%, 3rd place 20%.

All this is just a proposal right now, and it all depends on how many 120Hz monitors we will be able to gather. The worst case we are going to accept is 16 120Hz monitors (players will have to switch to 60Hz monitors after they finish their tournament matches), but in that case, we'll have to change the tournament format as well, so that all official games would be played on 120Hz monitors. If we won't be able to get at least 16 monitors, there probably won't be any lan at all.

A little bit more about the provided computers and cafe itself:

50 computers:
Screen: EIZO FORIS FS2333
GFX: Gigabyte nVidia GTX660 Ti 2GB
CPU: Intel Core i5 3570k
RAM: Kingston 8GB (2x4GB), 1600 MHz HyperX
HDD: WD 500 GB Caviar black
SSD: Kingston 120 GB, HyperX
KB: mechanical Razer BlackWidow Tournament
HEAD: some razer with microphone
MOUSE: some razer :)

Of course you can bring your own mouse/kb/headphones.. every computer has usb/audio hub under the screen for easier (un)plugging of your stuff.

Cafe website: http://district-prague.eu/en/
Debtorr's video invitation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEYkq4pZikY

Cafe also features a bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and area with sofas and TVs, where we'd like you to watch the games as spectators. On the 2nd floor of the shopping center, there is a regular restaurant and couple of fastfood restaurants.

For casters, there's a dedicated room with streaming HW and place to do interviews.

Like I already said, all this is just a proposal (this is not official announcement!).. we need to get as many 120Hz monitors as we can, in order to be able to organize the lan. So here's my task for you guys.. If you are sure to come and play the tournament as I proposed above, please let me know if you are able to bring any 120Hz monitors. We really need to know the numbers.. and whoever brings 120Hz monitor will get a beer from me :).

So if the lan happens, it's gonna be on 20-22.09.2013 in Prague / Czech Republic (http://district-prague.eu/).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Also feel free to join #WCQL-Prague @ Quakenet.