Greetz! This stems from my previous post on how to improve 1v1 skill.. as an update to that, I was hovering around the 1300 ELO with no progress on improving, after much research and item timing practice and thanks to ESR readers :D I've recently defeated 1600 and 1700 ELO opponents! Yay for me..

I could be way off with this thinking, but I've noticed in many games, that the railgun is the major decider on the outcome of the game. By this I mean, if my opponent mostly uses rail and uses it well, there is no chance in hell I can beat him. If you're able to start a cycle of: opponent spawns-rail him-kill with another weapon, repeat - its so damn difficult for that opponent to get control back.

There are some players I cant beat at all on maps with a RG, but on lost world I own them..

So my question is from the point of view of the guy being railed at spawn and trying to find a way to get control back...

Whats best practice/strategy against a heavy railing opponent?

And soz if this has been answered many times over on ESR, google has not been very helpful on this topic