After showing a recent great boost in activity with Renaissance Cup and 125 FPS Monthly League the Russian community is now proud to announce a LAN event. The world’s most competitive Quake Live players will come together to go head-to-head at Gazprom St. Petersburg Quake Live Masters Invitational LAN Tournament, being held on 15th-18th of August 2013 at the AZIMUT Hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Vying for their share of over 500 000 RUB (~$16 000) in prize money, gathered for the tournament with the help of Alexey A. and his colleague Alexey M. from Gazprom company 24 top Quake Live professionals will compete in the Quake Live Duel Masters Invitational Championship.

Schedule, rules and more information are coming soon.

Stream: United Kingdom English stream with Russia h8m3, Russia ShadyAK and guest starring United Kingdom nVc
Links: Gazprom website, Official group