With more than 10,000 maps and thousands of authors, all listed and available at Worldspawn, an archive for Quake 3 Arena content made by and for the community, the Quake III: Defrag mod appears as an exception in the world of FPS.

Coded by France Cyril "Cgg" Gantin and distributed since 2000, the recent release of the latest version of Defrag, is an opportunity for a spotlight on this project and his author.

Note: I tried my best to not betray Cyril's words and meanings and in the same time to provide a not so bad translation; feel free to read the original french interview.

Btw, I'd like to thank Marky for his review (cheers mate ^^), the cool dudes behind q3df.org and worldspawn for their amazing work and all the players and people in the DF universe.