Hey guys, TDN is finally up. For some reason the results page doesn't work well with Internet Explorer. Should be good on Firefox and Google Chrome.

Results Page, I tried to gather up as much info for online and LAN results for duel across multiple games.
Results Page

Same as results, tried to gather up all the prize money earned. I'm sure i'm missing a ton of events.
Prize Money

Looking for staff members too (Writers/journalists, admins for cups, forum mods, ect ect ) hit me up with an IM if u are interested =)

My goal for TDN

-Provide more online tournament for NA scene.
-try to help other regions with cups (Asia, South America, Africa)
-provide info for duelists
-spread awareness of duel events through social media
-Gather up sponsors for a North American LAN.
There's a LAN center in my county thats perfect for a Quake LAN. Just need funds from a sponsor!