Hey, I've spent this night to make 'TOP500 players' listing for Space CTF.
I'm gonna make ratings for all CTF maps, but will need help in calibrating, because I don't really know players' skills on anything except ctf4, lol.

UPDATE 2012-10-03 https://sites.google.com/site/spacectfratings/23-09-2012
9142/1506 players are parsed/ranked
Added M_Z_H as top-9, Nekojiru_sou as top-35, NastyTime as top-65, and others.

UPDATE 2012-11-28 https://sites.google.com/site/spacectfratings...h-nov-2012
Here are 8 new draft versions. I'm making a new version, based on the same September snapshot data. To choose, which way to go further, I would like to get your advise. Those, who have own opinion about how ranking should look like, please vote for one or more from 8 versions.