yukela: yup, rubbing that dough instead of helping grow esports

Broadcaster fatal1ty: sorry you don't like it

yukela: you forgot where you came from im sorry

Broadcaster fatal1ty: tahts why i'm the only gamer who spent over $100k sponsoring esports
» learn your facts

denjinj: dont get trolled by the stream monsters

Broadcaster fatal1ty: and stop listening to misinformed people on forums
» people need to know the truth
» i have nothing to hide

yukela: then tell me the truth as im obviosly misinformed

Broadcaster fatal1ty: one sec

yukela: or if there is some post somewhere

Broadcaster fatal1ty: when i first started my company, i sold mousepads
» i turned around and flew 5 guys around to play counter strike
» i then moved onto sponsoring my old buddy zen from quake 1 days to play pk with me
» also sponsored cod team

yukela: this is around 2005 yes?

Broadcaster fatal1ty: nah before that
» 2003-2004
» 2005 i did stermy and zen
» 2006 i did fox, toxic and stermy
» 2006 i sponsored wsvg for all games
» 2007-2009 i sponsored cgs
» i did a voting thing online and had k1llsen flew to quakecon from germany
» i sponsored quakecon for 7 years
» i recently did some contribution to pub masters quakelive pre quakecon tourney
» and also held a $14k tourney recently for LoL
» and planning to hold another one in 2-3 months
» game not decided yet

yukela: cool

Broadcaster fatal1ty: Makes me upset people don't know what I've already done
» especially when no other gamer is doing what I do...

yukela: forgive me then, pretty much the only public info out there is that you said *** you to esports and just cashed out on it

Broadcaster fatal1ty: people online are so informed
» They just listen to haters who post online
» the people who are happy don't post on forums

denjinj: i think you need to network your twitch channel and interact with people through the stream

Broadcaster fatal1ty: i wanted to do this live streaming

denjinj: 1.68M views and 505 followers, i think that's where you could get people to know what you do better

Broadcaster fatal1ty: so people can talk to me more
» and understand what i'm doing
» I don't mind yukela coming on and asking me about this
» I just hope this spreads and people will defend me in forums
» and tell people they don't know what they're talking about

yukela: maybe out it in the infotab below?
» put*