Here is the story. I've been playing Quake since 2004 and I like it very much. I admitted to my stupid behaviour for which I was banned, but they don't give a shit anyway. It means that if you won't pay them they will ban you forever, even when you regret what you did and you promise not to do it again. Money is everything to them. I wrote to them that if they won't unban I will be able to play sometimes anyway and block the server. Now I know that they want me to do it. Are they logic ? Not at all. When you want money more than anything you become a retard. Or maybe it's just because they are from U.S and they are fascist ? Anyway, expect some blocked servers from time to time, because their protection is not perfect. I still manage to get into the game on new accounts. My actions are not stupid, but people's ignorance is.

August 21

I am still waiting for a reply from someone wise. There is always hope.

August 29

Still nobody wise here. It just proves my point about Id. They are not interested about you being banned if you won't pay. A typical jewish/american behaviour. Yes, they are jewish-american satanists. In Q3 and other games there are demons and pentagrams everywhere. It indicates the object of their worship (satan and money). Not to mention the figure of Christ on the wall of one of the maps in Q3. They killed Him and they are proud of it.