Mike from Plantronics want us to know that the registrations are open for NA qualifier of Electronic Sports World Cup 2012.

Plantronics GameCom is excited to host the 2012 ESWC North American qualifier for Starcraft 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and DOTA 2. The qualification process for each game will begin online, with the top two winners from the online qualifier earning a paid trip (up to $1,200 per person) to compete live at PAX Prime in the Plantronics GameCom booth. Each winner from PAX will then go on to the ESWC Grand Finals in Paris, France with a paid trip (up to $3,000 per person) courtesy of Plantronics GameCom and the ESWC North America sponsors.

* Official qualifiers are being held for SC2, CS:GO, and DotA2
* Teams that have a fully registered, confirmed team in DotA2 or CS:GO will get beta keys for the game so they can play in the online tournament
* Registration closes Jul 28th
* North American qualifier is being sponsored by Plantronics GameCom
* Finals will be Live at PAX

Links: ESWC Registration Homepage, Path to ESWC