So i got my beta key yesterday, kinda late but still went on and try the game since i wanted to know how it felt

[ºº] Impression - so the game is ok and for the first 3 rounds of some mode of survival wich was the only one i played i ended up dieying without firing a single shot because you seem to need the timing of some platform jumps

[ºº] Mouse Feeling - I started to tweak some of the sensitivity aspect since it defaults 1 for X axis and 0.4 for Y axis, kinda like m_yaw and pitch after that it felt nice to aim

[ºº] Movement - oh well, this is the derp part coming since quakeworld the movement seems as derp as it can get since there seems to be no form of circle, strafe jumps or anything besides running faster and gliding on air a bit longer ( only played 4 matches so cant tell for sure)

[ºº] Gamemodes Cant talk much about this yet since i only played some FFA with a closing circle around the map wich makes players move to the center of the map or they get killed, seems a nice concept to prevent camping and having to run around the map to see where the remaining player is.
Also it is round based and we start with a rocket launcher or whatever the name of that is.

Overall it isnt that bad, its not quake ofc and it will never be, but they seem to be thinking some interesting concepts for w generation of unrealistic FPS and they seem to have nice ideas so far.