As announced last month, Adroits will be hosting a live event in October which will feature Quake Live. The tournaments for Quake Live were originally announced as 1vs1 duel and 4vs4 TDM. In addition to these two tournaments, we will also be providing the CTF players an opportunity to have their game mode at this event. There will be a certain criteria that this tournament must meet before it will be confirmed as definitely going ahead. More information on that can be found later in this press release.

So that’s the tournaments confirmed, but there’s a twist to one of them. Since the announcement about our Quake Live TDM tournament, various community members and figures have approached us both publicly and privately about running the TDM tournament in a Nations Cup format. We’ve taken this feedback on board and considered it thoroughly, which has resulted in us choosing to go with a Nations TDM tournament as opposed to a team TDM tournament.

A ChipIn account has been created for anybody who wishes to donate to the prize pool for the players. We are also looking into creating seperate ChipIn accounts for the nations participating in the TDM World Cup to help them offset expenses. These will be set up once we know which teams have signed up.

Expect further news items when the signups open. In the meantime, if you have any questions about anything I've posted here, leave a comment and I'll reply as quickly as I can! I should also note that the TDM and Duel tournaments will not clash on the schedule as it stands. I cannot promise this will be the case for CTF.