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We are pleased to announce that the long awaited video finally arrived! Several remakes and lots of changes tried to hold it back from the release but we fought the war and now its here.

The video is featuring France Kévin "strenx" Baéza, one of the best Quake Live players in the competitive scene. Following the worlds fashion of videos, he decided to get the video made in 3D, making it the first QuakeLive frag video ever made! Hope you'll enjoy the video! :)

The video is brought to you by Hungary Ákos "F-X" Ujfalusi who captured and edited most of the scenes to perfectly match the song and flow. The 3D slow-motion animations, the outro, color correcting and rendering were done by Hungary Péter "mccormic" Kerülö. An other important member of the team is the creator of WolcamQL who is still hiding his full name but has a well known nickname, United States of America Brugal! He implemented the 3D capturing feature specially for this movie, so without him this all wouldn't be possible. We would also like to thank to United States of America Joe Goss for providing the high quality visor model for the animations and for France Jeremy "SHRAPN3LS" Bitton for his support for beta testing.

The video is available in 3 versions: 2D (regular), Anaglyph 3D (Red-Cyan glasses), Digital 3D (Side-by-Side half). PS: Don't forget to check out the post @ Millenium.org and hit like at Strenx's Facebook Page.