Note: a1r-r41d has not played for 9 months, so he is out!

The above lists the current ratings of the invitees we have up until now (19 players). They are rated by Glicko2 based on matches from around february and up until now. The middle "dot" is where we estimate the players strength is. The width of the horizontal line gives a 95% confidence interval of the rating.

For instance, Cooller and rapha have roughly the same strength, but since rapha plays way more than Cooller, we have more confidence in rapha's skill than Cooller's. Or said in another way: We know absolutely nothing of Cooller's strength. He may be way better than rapha or worse than, say, twister.

p0ni is very blue. This means that he has a high "stochastic volatility" in the sense that he is beating players who are better than him from time to time. Or said another way: p0ni is likely to upset and win games against the stronger opponents. Or lose against weaker ones.

As we get closer, I might update the graph, but I do know on whom I would bet my money as it stands right now :P