DreamHack Summer 2012 is coming closer every day and the first invited players have been announced as well as the mappool for the biggest LAN Event there is. ZOTAC wants to support it once more by providing the perfect opportunity to prepare for the DreamHack Quake Live Duel competition. Thereby the mappool for the upcoming ZOTAC Cups will be changed.

Once again thousands of gamers are expected to visit the DreamHack Summer 2012 from June 16th to 19th in Jöngköping, Sweden with a 70,000 SEK prize money pool for Quake Live. 32 slots will be available for players to apply for and there won't be any open qualifiers this time. Details about the application process can be found on ESReality and the official DreamHack website.

New Mappool
- Blood Run (ztn)
- Lost World (dm13)
- Furious Heights (t7)
- Toxicity
- Aerowalk

ZOTAC wishes everybody an awesome DreamHack Summer 2012!